Yes, that’s me about to go to Aber uni for my first seminar, on “Writing: Methods & Techniques”. Huband thought it would be funny to take a picture of me, like proud parents do when their kiddies start primary school. I’m even wearing my brand new Cath Kidson-esque backpack! I was so nervous as I set off up the lane to catch the bus into town. But I needn’t have worried. Our tutor, Dr Alice Vernon, is great. I met up with another ex-student of Damien Gorman’s thursday night writing class, who decided to do the MA.

I was delighted to hear that we could collect together our own reading lists. Yes, I know, the usual word used is “curate”, but that is hideously overused, and usually out of context as well. So I hereby expunge it from my vocalulary, unless I am writing about a curator in a museum or art gallery. I blame pinterest for the overuse of the word. Horrible travesty that it is.

I just know you are dying to know what books I’ve added to my reading list. (I can feel your desperate need to know, across the eldritch entanglements of the very air.) So here it is.

The Necronomicon H P Lovecraft
The Buried Giant Kayzuo Ishiguru
Metamorphosis Franz Kafka
Sugar Hall Tiffany Murray
Grimm Tales Phillip Pullman
The Pavilion of Frozen Women SP Somtow
This Census Taker China Mieville
The House on the Borderland William Hope Hodgeson
The Drummer Boy Leon Garfield
Mortal Echoes ed. Greg Buzwell
Years Best Weird Fiction (several volumes of those!)
The Face in the Glass Mary Elizabeth Bradden
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
Songs of a Dead Dreamer / Grimscribe Thomas Ligotti
The Haunting of Henderson Close Catherine Cavendish

I have homework! The final assignment for this module is to write a short story of 3,00 words. We’re to do the first 500 words for the next class. I have an idea of something. Is it weird? Probably? Could it be even weirder? As weird as I can make it!