So, I’m officially a postgrad student at Aberystwyth university. I spent all day being inducted; not as painful as it sounds. I don’t think I’ll be taking advantage of the GradSoc though. It seems to be more useful for folks who are living on campus, far from home, who don’t know the area. While I’ve lived here for 13 years and have a husband, two cats, and five hens to worry about. I do seem to be the only member of the class who is doing this course over two years. Which is nice, as in the third term I can rest on my laurels, while everyone else is getting grey-faced and think from working on their dissertations. My time will come however!

For the first term, (I refuse to call them semesters as there are three of them, not four, and we live in the UK, not the USA) I will be doing research skills, and writing: methods and techniques. The first classes are next week, and my first assignment is due in january. Though that’s about my plan for my final dissertation. I think, I’ve almost decided, that I want to use the opportunity to really get to grips with my novel. I’ve had some ideas which mean re-writing the whole thing anyway!

While I was waiting for registration, I saw a rather nice, very large board advertising novels and books that past students have had published. Professionally! I had a little squee moment, wondering if one year my novel will be up there. You never know!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.